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CLDerm Welcomes Dr. Douglas Wu to Award-Winning Team


August 31, 2015 Contact:  Gayle Lynn Falkenthal, APR 619-997-2495 or Double board-certified dermatologist named Associate Director of Research dr douglas wu cosmetic dermatologist SAN DIEGO – Cosmetic Laser Dermatology welcomes double-board certified dermatologist Dr. Douglas C. Wu to its award-winning team of physicians. Dr. Wu, who previously served a year-long fellowship under the direction of CLDerm founder and medical director Dr. Mitchel Goldman, became part of the permanent staff in August 2015. Dr. Wu grew up in Canada and completed both his undergraduate and medical school education in Canada. In the midst of his medical school training, he received a full scholarship to attend the University of Oxford, England. While at Oxford, Dr. Wu completed a Ph.D in immunology and stem cell biology before returning to Canada to complete his dermatology residency. As the new Associate Director of Research at CLDerm, Dr. Wu supervises between 20 and 30 ongoing clinical trials with a research team of eight including two research fellows, placing the practice at the forefront of discovery and innovation in cosmetic dermatology. Dr. Wu says his connection to CLDerm came about through his mentor, Dr. Jaggi Rao, who was a Cosmetic Surgery Fellow with Dr. Goldman 10 years ago. “When I was a dermatology resident, he recommended I come out to San Diego and visit Drs. Mitch Goldman, Kimberly Butterwick, (the late) Richard Fitzpatrick, and the rest of the staff. It was such an inspiring experience that I knew I wanted to spend more time learning from the best. “Dr. Goldman offered me the Fellowship position. And after the year, I was offered a permanent Associate position,” said Dr. Wu. “We invest a considerable amount of time and resources in our clinical research efforts,” said Dr. Goldman. “Not many other cosmetic dermatology practices achieve CLDerm’s level of commitment. We consider clinical trials a priority because of the long-term benefit to our patients and the contribution to our entire field of medicine. When I met Dr. Wu, I learned that he shared my passion for research. His impressive background and his dedication to this mission made him the perfect addition further strengthening our team at CLDerm.” “CLDerm is a very impressive environment. We are testing news injectables, fillers, lasers for skin rejuvenation and body sculpting, as well as a variety of new cosmetic surgical techniques, hair removal, skin tightening and more. It’s the next frontier,” said Dr. Wu. Dr. Wu said he was attracted to dermatology due to the variety of conditions and procedures related to treating and improving the appearance of the skin as well as the evolving science behind it. “It is absolutely what I envisioned. It combines research with clinical practice. I am fortunate to be able to help a broad range of people,” he said. Dr. Wu credits the experience earning his Ph.D. in immunology for broadening his horizons as a practicing physician. “It will always instill in me the sense of discovery, the sense of questioning. The Ph.D. training I received is a good reminder that we should always be questioning. We need to combine the passion of research with the care for our patients.” Dr. Wu’s interest in medical research “helps me to understand exactly why we do the things we do. It helps me think about how to advance and further innovate in the field. It changes your entire mindset, going into pure research. Your methodology becomes much more strict, and focus your attention for detail. The Ph.D. is also a great opportunity to connect with thought leaders from around the world.” Dr. Wu says he learns from his patients daily. “Every patient is unique ... every patient has slightly different concerns. When they tell me what they’re worried about, when they tell me what they hope to achieve, it’s one of the most satisfying things when I am able to help them reach their goals, which brings them happiness. It’s why I’ve chosen the route I have, to explore both passions, research and clinical medicine. This is the happiest marriage I could think of,” said Dr. Wu. Dr. Wu is one of four siblings; his older brother and two older sisters are all physicians in Canada. While pursuing his studies, he also competed in the sport of badminton. “It’s near and dear to my heart. I played for decades. I did training with the junior national team in Canada, played for Oxford as well. I used to be reasonably competitive. I still play at recreational clubs,” said Dr. Wu. Thanks to moving to San Diego. Dr. Wu is pursuing a new hobby: surfing. “I picked up surfing. I love it, but I’m not very good at it,” laughed Dr. Wu. Dr. Wu’s eye for detail makes him an admirer of the precise art of bespoke tailoring. “When a masterful tailor puts together a suit of clothing, each piece of clothing is perfect, tailoring to the exact needs of the client, the slope of the shoulder for example. I have a high level of respect for master tailors and master shoemakers,” said Dr. Wu. Dr. Wu speaks both English and Cantonese fluently, and plays classical piano. Read Dr. Wu’s complete biography at this link to  

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