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5 Beautiful Effects of 10-Minute Restylane Treatments

San Diego Restylane Injectables DermatologistsOver the past decade or two, you’ve probably become a lot more aware of what’s in your food, drinks, and clothing. You should also be aware of what your cosmetic skin care products contain (if you’re not already).

At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, we get a lot of questions about what various cosmetic skin care products consist of. A common question we receive about Restylane lip filler is whether or not it contains animal proteins, which can cause an allergic reaction or complications arising from the transference of any animal diseases.

Simply put, Restylane is not composed of any animal-based matter; it’s a smooth gel consisting of hyaluronic acid, a biodegradable and biocompatible substance already found in your body responsible for your skin volume and thickness.

We are proud to offer Restylane injectable cosmetic fillers as an anti-wrinkle treatment, a facial contour enhancement, or a lip augmentation. It is safe, versatile, and natural, so if you’ve been thinking about undergoing cosmetic treatment to reduce your wrinkles, enhance your lips, or simply rejuvenate your face, Restylane could be right for you.

The Top Benefits of Restylane Injectables

Read on to learn five beautifully beneficial effects that a simple 10-minute Restylane treatment can deliver.

Benefit #1: Long Lasting Effects

One issue with some cosmetic fillers is that their effects are merely temporary, perhaps not lasting as long as someone may wish.

Restylane is different. The fullness and volume that you notice almost immediately after a session is retained because the treatment uses your body’s own moisture supply so that you get the shape you desire. On average, a single Restylane treatment can give you a youthful appearance that lasts for six to nine months; in fact, it’s not uncommon for the effects to last a year. After that, you can receive periodic follow-up Restylane injections to maintain your youthful glow.

Benefit #2: Improved Facial Contouring

Because the hyaluronic acid solution in a Restylane injection easily synthesizes with your body, it’s easier to have the contours of your face shaped the way you want to get the facial rejuvenation you expect.

Once the Restylane solution is injected, it goes to work lifting up subcutaneous tissue to soften your wrinkles and restore volume to your appearance. To get the facial contouring you want, the injections diminish and even erase deeper skin folds. This allows the skin on your chin and cheek to be restored to their normal shape and volume.  If you’re looking for a rounder, fuller chin or a softer, more sensual look to your jawline, Restylane treatment can give you the results you want.

Benefit #3: Lip Augmentation

If you have thinning lips that still have some shape to them, Restylane can be a superb sculptor of your lips. The lip filler gel is injected into the inside of your mouth as well as into your lip line for augmentation. The biggest benefit is that your lips will look more youthful and alluring, with a smoother, fuller overall appearance overall. And if you’re tired of your lipstick and lip gloss bleeding into the surrounding lines around your lips, you’ll love that Restylane can put an emphatic stop to this.

The result? Lips you’ll enjoy pursing and puckering again. And secret pride in dealing with the constant attention your pouty lips now bring in – even without ruby red lipstick to enhance them!

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Benefit #4: Instant, Noticeable Results

This is not always true of many cosmetic treatments, but it’s just another aspect of Restylane that makes it unique. You can notice the results of the injections almost instantaneously after your session. Of course, it’s likely that some areas will be red or swollen, but you should expect these side effects to dissipate in a day or two.

Keep in mind, though, that although you can notice results almost immediately, the full results – the desired contouring, volume, and youthful firmness – won’t appear for at least a few weeks. However, once they do, you’ll reap the benefits for at least the next six months. Also keep in mind that individual Restylane results are based on age, skin type, skin condition, among others.

Benefit #5: Supple, Hydrated Skin

Another benefit to Restylane treatments is that skin hydration is restored. As you age, your skin loses its ability to retain moisture, which is shown as a facial line or wrinkle. By restoring moisture to your skin, superficial lines and shallow wrinkles are softened more easily. Your face won’t look as tired and the youthful appearance and radiance that you once had will be back! You’ll feel more confident and less anxious in social situations.

Find Out More about Restylane Today

To optimize treatment results, manage Restylane costs, or learn more about how treatment can benefit you, speak with the exceptional staff at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego. We’ll be happy to discuss your facial rejuvenation goals and other skin concerns, so contact us through our online consultation form or give us a call at (858) 943-2113 today.

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